Book Review: Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

When the lovely ladies at The Book Report Network offered me an advanced copy of Crusie's first solo work in six years, I nearly jumped out of my seat in excitement - I've been a fan of Crusie's since reading Fast Women years ago. In fact, I can still name character names from Crusie novels (Nell, Minerva, etc.), which rarely happens after so many years and so many great reads, a testament to Crusie's characterization in her works.

This time, though, it's Andie who will stick out in my mind: Andie, and her attorney-ex-husband, North, who asks Andie, after not seeing her for ten years, to take a month to care for his niece and nephew in a large and mostly deserted house in southern Ohio (just roll with it)...

Andie needs the money, and so she goes to care for Alice and Carter, who are not exactly the poster children for well-adjusted youth.

And let's just say the story takes off from there. ;-)

Filled with her trademark quirky characters and witty dialogue, Crusie dumps Andie in a house out of a Poe novel with strange children and a suspicious housekeeper, and then, just for fun, throws in some ghosts - and they ain't exactly Casper. ;-)

Part coming of age novel, part romance, part comedy, part supernatural, this novel is ALL Crusie - and I loved every page. While I liked Crusie's past writing collaborations, this proves that sometimes, she's best left all to herself. Maybe This Time is a great read - check it out!

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