Beginning of the (Annual?) UP Trip...

In the early hours of tomorrow morning, Dad, Zoe and I will be packing up and heading "Up North" for a 2.5 week vacation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, just as we did last year.

Part much needed vacation, part "big water and open spaces", part homage to Mum's favorite place, and part a trip to attend a Relay for Life Summit meeting, this trip has many expectations.

Not the least of which is me reading many, many books and Zoe playing in lots and lots of big water. ;-)

I'll try and photo blog each day (like last year), and Dad will be wordily blogging as well (right here), so we hope you'll follow along with us. I'll also link on Facebook as I post things.

But mostly, I'm looking forward to big water, waterfalls, walks on the beach, reading many books, sleeping in, relaxing and breathing. With a fluffy little dog dancing in the waves the entire time. ;-)

See you on the road!


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