If Only I Spoke Parselmouth...

Snake in the House

Really, I'm just going to let my Facebook updates for the day tell the story:

Marissa: Why am I awake at 3:54am? Because Zoe was barking like a hound of hell to alert me to the face we had a snake. IN.THE.HOUSE. *big shuddery scaredy-cat body shudder* Someone please tell me a) how the hell it got in and b) this thing is harmless so I can sleep ever again...

Marissa: Zoe, by the way, is already back to sleep. SHE'S not Googling snake identification charts...

Faithful Reader Pat: Oh no! I'm screaming here for you! Did you catch it?

Marissa: If by "catch", you mean "took a yardstick and shot it across the room to the door then flung it outside while trying not to scream", then yes. ;-)

(interject several comments of the "omigod, argh!" variety here)

Treena in Abu Dhabi then writes: I can not believe you took a photo first.. You are so Brave If that was in my house I would be house hunting now.... BRAVO you are brave.. Thank goodness for ZOE!!!

Marissa: Well, I wanted a picture so I could scour Google to make sure it wasn't a maneating/dogeating snake - only after I snapped it did it occur to me people would think I was nuts for doing a little light photography instead of getting rid of the damn thing. :-D

Zoe definitely saved the day...I, on the other hand, stood there like an idiot for at least 20 seconds with my jaw dropped while my brain processed what I was seeing while Zoe was barking and snarling at it. Truly, 3:54am is not a good time for nature interactions. ;-)

Smartass Dad comments: WOW! Glad I wasn't there! Congratulations on prompt and intelligent action. Of course, if you'd let it stay it might have ensured a reduction in the mouse population migrating from the field.

I snarkily reply: Hey, when I launched it out the door, I launched it towards the field. It can eat all the mice it wants OUT THERE.

Johanna offers no help at all: I laughed out loud at this status update. Well really the comments that followed. :)

Angela mentions that it looks harmless and asks where I live for ID purposes...

Angela: by the way, did you happen to measure it with the yard stick before you flung it?

I guesstimated between a foot and a foot and a half long.

Finally, Paul joins the fray, and has to be a BDH (Big Damn Hero) about it...

Paul: Haha, that's a simple garden snake, I'd have picked it up with my hands and taken it outside myself if I'd been close by! Nothing to worry about!

Well, that's that, then.

Marissa: This is excellent news. I'm putting Paul's number on speed dial right now for the next time I have an overnight visitor of the slithery variety...


If I have another wild kingdom episode of any sort tonight, I'm moving. ;-)

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