Book Review: The White Queen

 The White Queen by Phillippa Gregory

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the Tudor period of English history, and so when I discovered the fiction of Phillippa Gregory several years ago, I was hooked. She has recently decided to go back a generation or two, and the first result in the new "Cousins War" series is The White Queen.

If you say the name Elizabeth Woodville, most people would only think of her as the mother of the "princes in the Tower", but this novel explores her romance with King Edward, the War of the Roses on a personal level, the scheming and dealing, the kidnapping of her sons, and the end of the novel is so open ended, you know a sequel must be in the works.

I'll admit, I'm really sketchy on this time period, and had to keep going to Wikipedia to keep straight who was who, and who was on what side - I swear everyone in this time period was named Edward, Richard, Margaret or Elizabeth. Very confusing.

Still, Gregory's writing is compelling and interesting, and I learned a lot about the time period from my mini-research sessions, though in all honestly, I still prefer my Tudors. ;-)

Highly recommended for historical readers!

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