Book Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I'll be honest, the main reason I picked up this young adult novel was to find out just what the heck all the hype was about - for the last year or so, we've heard of nothing but "The Hunger Games" trilogy. It was time to see what the fuss was - I mean, a young adult science fiction novel?

I'll tell you, though, I'm a believer. Collins has crafted a novel with a feisty and not always likeable heroine, an impossible game to win in a distant future of North America, a possible romance, and most of all - the chance for the reader to be part of a wilderness survival adventure.

Katniss Everdeen has to win "The Hunger Games" - a kill-or-be-killed competition featuring one boy and one girl from every district of Panem. No one, NO ONE, lives except the winner, so the reader is taken on this journey that is part Gladiator, part Cast Away, part unlikely romance/buddy movie - and it totally works.

I've already checked out Catching Fire, and I plan to read it this weekend. Yup, I'm a believer, surprised as I am to say it!

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