Book Review: Burn by Nevada Barr

Burn by Nevada Barr

Every time a new Anna Pigeon novel comes out, I can't WAIT to get my hands on it...Anna has been a fiction "friend" of mine for so many years, and I always look forward to visiting with her for another novel.

This time, Anna is on leave, so we aren't so much in a National Park setting, but rather in the steamy underbelly of New Orleans, where Anna is staying with a colleague while she recovers from the events of the LAST novel!

Told in an alternate voice is the story of Clare, a woman on the run from Seattle who is believed to have murdered her entire family and set fire to her house, but Clare is on the hunt for something in New Orleans...something sinister...

These two women form a tentative partnership to solve a story of murder, revenge, child prostitution and the dark side of New Orleans. I'll be honest - the subject matter and rawness of the story took me aback. Barr doesn't shrink from tough stories, but I can see this one being a turn off, especially to those new to the series, but as I said - I'll read anything as long as I can hang out with Anna for a while.

Recommended for fans of the series, but beware the tough subject matter and horrific undertones...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great read.. I read her book 13 1/2 and really enjoyed it!