Layne's 6th Birthday Party

As I mentioned, part of my reason for going home last weekend was to head to Bloomington to celebrate Layne's 6th birthday! Hard to believe he's already six years old! Of course, it's not a party without a puppy, so Zoe and I loaded up and headed over to the "Mario" themed party!

(Thanks for the photos, Sean, since I was camera-less at the time!)

Layne's ready for presents!

Layne's 6th Birthday Haul

Zoe wishes Layne a happy birthday and greets Jen!

Greetings from Zoe

Presents! (and a helpful Zoe at the ready)...

Zoe Helps

Getting beat by Layne in Mario Kart...

Mario Kart

Zoe is finally exhausted by the festivities while Layne and Jason are still going!

Jason and Layne

Happy birthday, buddy!

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