Book Review: Scent of the Missing

Scent of the Missing by Susannah Charleson

The kind folks at FSB sent me a copy of this non-fiction, and with a face like that on the front, how could you resist? :-)

But as soon as I cracked open the pages, I discovered I really, truly loved this book.

True, I'm a puppy owner and an avid reader, so it was going to be a home run when you combine the true story of Susannah and her search-and-rescue dog Puzzle with Susannah's evocative prose and easy storytelling.

I was afraid this would be a retelling of the disaster-of-the-day in every chapter, but Susannah focuses so much more on her relationship and training with Puzzle, the amazing people and animals who are UNPAID and spend so much of their own time rescuing others, as well as on some of the successes of the dogs (finding lost elderly) as well as the tragedies (searching for human remains from the shuttle Columbia).

Susannah's storytelling is just wonderful, and her writing flows so easily - I can absolutely see Puzzle (her beautiful Golden) loping through the woods, all the other SAR dogs in training, as well as her growing brood of dogs at home.

This is a easy, interesting, fantastic read that makes you truly appreciate the altruism of these people and their amazing dogs. Highly recommended - especially for dog lovers!

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