Book Review: Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner

I have been a fan of Weiner since first reading Good in Bed years ago - and so when I was offered an advanced copy of her latest, I jumped on the chance (the novel will be released July 13)!

As always, Weiner focuses on characterization, family and the ripples that one action can take - this time, a political scandal that rocks Sylvie, the perfectly trained politician's wife, back on her heels. Also affected are her ER doctor daughter Diana and her recently-released-from-rehab, free spirited daughter Lizzie.

All three women take the news differently, and the orbits of their lives could not be more different, and yet somehow, they find themselves woven together in a house in Connecticut, trying to make sense of the mistakes not only of their husband/father, but of the decisions they have made that have changed their lives.

Weiner writes with such senstivity and insight, and you hate when the chapter switches, changing to another character's point of view, so engrossed are you in the one you are reading. You aren't sure what to "root for", nor how the story will end, but you keep reading to find out. Political scandals have been much in the news lately, but Weiner makes the story personal and unique through these characters, focusing not at all on the accused.

I highly recommend Fly Away Home, as well as all of Weiner's novels. She's a gem!

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