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 Time for a couple of reading reviews...let's go!

A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick

I was expecting the typical "lady moves to new town, opens quilt shop and makes friends" story, which is what I was in the mood for, not knowing the main character was going to get diagnosed with breast cancer (!!), and go through treatment throughout the book, which definitely brought down the mood (a mood I *wasn't* in!), but it was still a good read - and apparently there are a couple of sequels out there, which I might eventually read...

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Since I'm one of the few people on earth who hadn't read this 500-pager, I finally picked up a copy and got going. When a colleague asked how I liked it, I replied without thinking "Well, I'm slogging through it, but at least I'm almost done". I guess, without knowing it, that summed it up. Robert Langdon is back, and the book is set in Washington, DC and while the premise was interesting enough and the stereotypically naughty characters were present, it just didn't FLOW. Too much exposition, too much like reading Wikipedia, and not compelling enough to keep me turning pages into the night, though once again, I have to give props to Brown for being the master of the "leave 'em hangin'" chapter ends. I give this one a big "eh"...

Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog by Lisa Scottoline

I love Lisa Scottoline - she seems like someone you truly feel you could just hang out with and gab - and this collection of essays is just that; a glimpse into Scottoline's everyday life, full of laughs, occasional tears, but mostly, just REALITY. This isn't the sort of collection you read through all at once, as they lose their "punch", but instead, an essay or two here and there and they are just great! Go, Lisa!

Bound South by Susan Rebecca White

I picked this one up for the cover and the promise of a good Southern story, and though I only finished it a week or so ago, I'm already fuzzy on what exactly happened - that's not a good sign! It's a slow burn novel, full of characters but little activity, just conflict and Southern values. I enjoyed it well enough, but obviously, I didn't absorb a single character after it was over - bummer.

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