How Ya Doin'?

Holy lack of updates, Batman!

I feel as though I've been woefully neglecting my little blog here but for book reviews for the last couple of months, so sorry! Still, it's been a quick and busy couple of months, so let's see what I've been up to....

Back in April, Dad and I "did a number" on Sunnymeade...new storm door, new fence for Zoe, new washer and dryer (well, Dad didn't help with that), and carpet cleaning...


New Door!

"Terminator Paul" came over and helped me install not one, but two new flowerbeds!

"The Terminator"

Back Bed Done!

Front Bed Done!

I went to my first Basket Bingo with Becca (we even won stuff)!

Bingo Becca

I treated myself to an iTouch...I'm already kicking myself for not getting the higher capacity one because I lurve it so...

New Toy!

I felt better about my own lawn after witnessing that of my neighbor's...


I had Zoe sheared like a sheep - poor girl!

Poor Puppy!

I picked my own strawberries for the first time...

Hitting the Strawberry Patch!

I got my brave on and went to the top of the St. Louis Arch with Dad during my birthday weekend...

Brave Girl!

St. Louis From Above

Dad and I went to the Melting Pot for my birthday - his first fondue experience!

Melting Pot

Summer Reading Program got underway at the library...

*falls over laughing*

I turned a year older...

Birfday Cake!

And I went to my very first tractor pull!

Off They Go!

Whew! Told ya we haven't caught up in a while! Relay for Life is in a week, so it's crunch time! Stay tuned for pictures after the event...in the meantime, thanks for reading! :-)

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