Guilty Pleasure Movie: Marie Antoinette

I admit it...Marie Antoinette is one of my guilty pleasure movies.


I have found myself popping this DVD in whenever its dreary outside, or I need a lift, or just need to look at beautiful costumes and tasty shoes and accessories and listen to great music for a few hours.


While the movie does follow the life of Marie Antoinette and her adjustment to life in France, and all the decadence that went with it, the standout to me is the setting and the costumes (Sophia Coppola had unprecedented access to shoot at Versailles and Le Petit Trianon). There are so many scenes that I just *adore*...the birthday scene at the lake as they watch the sunrise, the dinner party at Le Petit Trianon, the masked ball, all the quiet scenes in the garden at Le Petit Trianon...I love it all.


The pastel palette, the excess of Versailles, the exquisite costumes, the quirky musical choices, the beautiful countryside..all of it is on display in Marie Antoinette.


If you haven't watch it, do. It will definitely brighten you day - I find it best to light a candle or two, find a comfy spot on the sofa, and eat something decadent while you watch. :-)



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