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What have I been ticking off the reading list lately? Let's see...

Echo Park by Michael Connelly

I listened to this Harry Bosch story, which centers on a murder case in Echo Park, and the sudden admittance of guilt by a man condemned to death for other murders. The problem is, Harry doesn't believe him...a good story, but the audiobook was scratched, so I kept missing key passages!

Letter from Point Clear by Dennis McFarland

This is one of those books that isn't really *about* anything, but the writing and setting is so great, you find yourself sucked in anyway. A trio of adult siblings try to come to grips with each other's lives and choices, in often hilarious manner. The brother was by far my favorite character...

Dreaming in Hindi by Katherine Russell Rich

I'm not sure what I was expecting of this novel (a travelogue, some humor, descriptions of language, food, sights), but I found myself disappointed in the stilted prose and lack of connection I felt to the narrator or her journey to India to learn a new language. I hate being disappointed. :-(

 Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer by Jane Brocket

I'm a huge fan of Brocket's blog (yarnstorm), so I was eager to read this book, which talks about and includes recipes from foodstuffs found in British children's books. All those Enid Blyton books of my youth kept bubbling up in my mind as I read about all the foods from the stories. A true delight to me, but would definitely be lost on US readers, I think....

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