Calendar Quilt

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading a review mag for the library and found a quilt book on "calendar quilts". Being intrigued, I Googled the term and found more information about calendar quilts...namely, a challenge that encourages participants to piece a strip every day for 365 to represent a calendar year, and using seasonal colors and so forth.

Well, I knew I'd never stick with THAT, so I decided to bastardize the intent, and created by own "calendar quilt" - with each color block representing a month of the year, and my interpretation of it. :-)

What do you think?

Calendar Quilt

The rundown...

January: snowy blues
February: Valentine reds
March: greening of the garden
April: Easter colours
May: pink flowers (I love pink, and it's my birthday month, ergo, pink flowers!)
June: Relay for Life purple
July: Red, white and blue for July 4
August: I just want to sink to the bottom of a swimming pool in August, hence the colours!
September: the leaves starting to turn yellow
October: Halloween colours
November: fall tones and Thanksgiving colours
December: Christmas fabrics!

I'm really pleased with the colour selections and how it turned out - done entirely while the Winter Olympics were on, even!

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