Book Review: One Good Dog

One Good Dog by Susan Wilson

As someone who has been a "pack of two" for exactly a year today (one year ago, I brought Zoe home!), this was a timely piece of fiction for me to read, provided by the lovely folks at The Book Report Network who sent me an advanced copy.

Adam March is that stereotypical high flyer - rich, successful with the plastic wife and the snotty child and the constant need to acquire more, more, more...until in just one ill-timed moment, everything goes awry in his life.

And Chance, a pit bull who's never known anything but a life of dogfighting and cages, has just one ill-timed moment to make a break for it, and everything changes in his life.

So what happens when a down on his luck guy meets a down on his luck dog?

A great story. :-)

This is written in alternating chapters - first Adam's point of view, and then, even more interestingly, from Chance's point of view. I particularly enjoyed Chance's chapters, and found myself looking at Zoe and thinking "Omigod, is that what she thinks?" or "Omigod, no wonder she looks at me like I'm nuts sometimes!". What a great - albeit fictional - insight into the minds of our faithful companions. Wilson has does a great job of breaking down these two characters, then rebuilding the trust and ultimate good in both of them.

This is a great read - honest, heartwrenching,heartwarming and ultimately uplifting. Made me give Zoe a big cuddle after I turned the last page.

Highly recommended!

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