Relay Purple Bathroom

So, Dad came down for a visit a couple of weekends ago, and naturally, I put him to work. ;-)

I've wanted to paint my master bath for as long as I've had the keys to Sunnymeade, but I decided this was the weekend to get up on it! So, paint we did!

Putting Dad to work on Friday evening with tape...

Putting Dad to Work

Then the next morning we had to take a small break to enjoy the pretty snowfall and Zoe's dashing about in it!

Front Drifts


But then, success! By the way, I'm referring to this as "Relay Purple", not "Barney Exploded All Over My Bathroom Purple". ;-)

Purple Bathroom

It's definitely a change! (I've since gotten a wall mounted, small stereo, which rocks!)

All Done!

Thanks, Dad!

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Denise said...

OOOH! Pretty! I love it lots! =)