Book Review: Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

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Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

The lovely Nicole at The Book Report Network sent me an advanced copy of this book, which I quickly dove into. This is a really absorbing read...Meredith and Nina, two adult sisters, and drawn back home to the Pacific Northwest as their father lays dying. His final request is for their cold, unloving mother, who has never given them the time of day, to tell them her "fairy tale" in its entirety, a story they remember hearing bits of from their childhood.

What follows is Anya's "fairy tale", which is actually the dawn of World War II in Lengingrad where Anya was a girl. The book flips from past to present seamlessly, and the final resolution was quite shocking to me. I thought this was a really engaging, interesting, and at times completely heartbreaking story, framed in the beginning as a fairy tale. I did find myself more drawn to Anya's story than to the present day story, but they were woven together well.

If you like Kristin Hannah, or just like family dramas, I highly recommend this read!

The vid version:

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