Book Review: The Power of Half

The Power of Half by Kevin and Hannah Salwen

First off, this isn't something everyone could do.

But we should WANT to.

15-year-old Hannah, daughter of Kevin and Joan (who have been extremely successful, both financially and employment-wise, in their lives), one day became outraged at hunger and homelessness in Atlanta, and started a chain of events.

Namely, the family downsizing their million-plus dollar home, moving into something smaller, and giving away half the proceeds to a good cause.

The Salwens, as a family (including younger brother Joseph), decided to give up some of their "stuff", move their lives out of the house with the elevator, the huge yard and the master suite, and into a smaller house, so that they could fully fund a program of The Hunger Project in Ghana.

This easy to read nonfiction book details their journey from Atlanta richy-riches to philanthropists to the nth degree, all the way to Ghana and their experiences there, as well as the struggles they encountered bringing their plan to reality.

This read reminded me so much of one of my favorite recent reads, 29 Gifts, but on a much grander scale, and with a sharper focus on one issue. Kevin narrates the bulk of the book, while Hannah imparts exercises, thoughtful questions and her opinions in her sections.

This is an easy, inspiring, thought-provoking read - highly recommended!

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