Local Relay Summit

Local Relay Summit

This past Saturday, I attended our local area Relay for Life Leadership Summit, despite the chilly temperatures and snowy roads!

I attended sessions, was a featured speaker for one (on "Leadership Development"), hung out with my local Relay folks, and received lots o' awards for our TinyTown Relay - including a Top Ten Per Capita Fundraising Relay in the Nation award, the national Terry Zahn award (which awards excellence in publicity, and as PR chair last year, I'm pretty stoked about that one), and I received the only individual award for the day - a bronze place for online fundraising in our Great Lakes region!

So, thanks to ALL of you who donated to my Relay for Life effort online this year - y'all are the best!

(And don't forget to sponsor me again this year! The link is that shiny purple button on the right!)

It was a good, peppy, "get pumped for Relay" kind of day!

A dork and her award:

I'm a Winner!


Anonymous said...

I'm *especially* impressed by the Zahn award. Way cool.

Congrats! :-)

Becca Goldman said...

And. . . that was from Becca, who hit "enter" too soon.


Marissa said...

Thanks, man! I was superstoked that we won one of the national ones...only three are given out! Whee! :-)

Anonymous said...


Carrie said...

That is soooo awesome, Marissa. Congratulations!