Holiday Review

Now that we're settled into the New Year, I thought I'd post what I've been up to the last couple of weeks.

A lot of nothing when I could manage it.

It was fantastic. :-)

Napping, reading, crosstitching, going to see movies, and eating lots of tasty food while Dad came down to visit in TinyTown over Christmas and New Year's!

We celebrated the Priddis Family Christmas in Columbus at Don and Michelle's...


Followed the next morning by brunch at Dad's...

Brunch at Dad's

Dad and I went for several hikes in deserted Harmonie State Park with Zoe (who was off leash and loving it!), despite the very chilly temperatures...

With the Granddog


Zoe and Carma (her sister) had a playdate...

Mommy Switch

And just this morning, TinyTown had it's first snow of the year...

First Snow!

Hope your holiday season was equally lovely!

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