Cross Stitch Display

We have a display case in the foyer of the library, and we often feature community organizations, clubs, as well as artists and just "pretty things" to display.

I decided to help fill in a couple of weeks, when it was going to sit empty, with my counted cross stitch projects from over the years.

I've been absolutely overwhelmed with all the compliments - glad to know people are enjoying my display (even if I had a booger of a time getting everything to fit in the case!)

Full View of the Display

My Display

Three Unframed

My Display Again


Becca Goldman said...

Your incredible patience continues to amaze. . . ;-)

I didn't recognize the one that looks like the word MACAK. What is that one?

BTW, if it really does snow, and stay below freezing, I likely won't be heading your way after all on Saturday. I know it was tentative at best, but I wanted to let you know. . . .

I know Zoe is well entertained with Grandpa there.

Anonymous said...

beautiful work!

Marissa said...

Macak was Grandma and Grandpa's surname...I made that for them years ago, and when they both passed, it came back to me, and now hangs in my guest room. :-)

Just keep us posted on Saturday, but right now, we'll plan on a miss...

Anonymous said...

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