Book Review: Serotonin Power Diet

The Serotonin Power Diet by Judith Wurtman and Nina Frusztajer

The lovely folks at FSB sent me a copy of this title for review - funny how lots of diet books are launched near the first of the year, no? ;-)

The main premise of this book is that by boosting serotonin levels in your body, you can not only stimulate a good mood, but you can "turn off" your appetite. The authors go into scientific detail of their research and findings to this effect, as well as short case studies of patients of their clinic who switched to the serotonin boosting diet - eating a snack of serotonin boosting foods prior to a meal.

As a girl who loves her carbs, this diet could have my name all over it, since carbs - in moderation of course - help boost serotonin.

I found this in interesting read - different from other diet books out there, but with the science to back up the claims. The authors lay out lots of menu planning options and some recipes, and this is fairly quick reading - I like not having to slog through hundreds of page to "get down to the good stuff"!

Looking for a different diet that doesn't cut off carbs? Give this book a checkout!

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