Book Review: The Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet by Mayo Clinic Staff

Now, this is a diet book I can get on board with.

Sent to me by FSB, I was not sure how this would compare to other diet books I've read recently, but I took to it immediately.

Not too many words on a page, lots of tips, tricks, straightforward language, crisp pictures, and most of all - an EASY plan to follow. This is a diet book that will appeal to everyone - regardless of background, reading level or diet needs.

Also included was the journal to accompany the diet - food records, exercise records, reminders of the food pyramid, shopping list areas, and more. This set has made it easy to try a new diet plan without having to invest in a lot of "stuff" or having to make radical changes. Just small ones that make a difference - I'm good with that!

I read this in one sitting, eager to turn the page and learn more. This book really spoke to me - I loved it!

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