Book Review: The Pioneer Woman Cooks

The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond

I have read The Pioneer Woman's blog for ages and ages, so I was tickled when I received a copy from HarperCollins for review!

Though I love all of Ree's photos and tales of life on an Oklahoma ranch, hands down my favorite part of her site is her cooking section.

Ree cooks stick-to-your-ribs, tasty, down home food, and best of all, documents exactly how she does it with tons of pictures - exactly the way I like to learn how to make new things...with lots of guidance!

This cookbook is a direct reflection of her website...it's filled with fantastic photos and stories, Ree's trademark humor and hilarity, and lots and lots of photos of tasty recipes - step by step photos, and "what should it look like at the end" photos.

I eagerly sat down to flip through a few pages before bed, and ended up staying up to read every page, every word, and marking all the recipes I want to try (which is most of them!). Ree makes it all look so easy, whereas some cookbooks call for ingredients I simply can't get at the local IGA, or doesn't show a picture of the final product, or calls for 782 ingredients! Ree, frankly, doesn't, and I LOVE that!

This is just a pretty, infectious, great cookbook, and I can't wait to dive into some of the recipes! If you haven't checked out her blog, do. If you have a chance, check out this cookbooks - it's a fantastic one!

Great, great recommendation from me!

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