Book Review: When Autumn Leaves

When Autumn Leaves by Amy S. Foster

Isn't that a great cover?

When I saw this compared to the stories of Alice Hoffman and Joanne Harris, I knew I had to read it.

In the small town of Avening, in the Pacific Northwest, magic seems to permeate every corner of the town. In the center is Autumn Avening, who, having been visited by her Jaen sister, must find a replacement as "town witch" or "wise woman", and so begins this novel that visits some of the potential candidates Autumn is watching.

Each chapter features another woman who might be Autumn's replacement, and the way the chapters flow from character to character is truly lovely. We get glimpses into each of these women's lives, which are both heartwarming and sad, and each character is lovingly written and engaging.

I truly didn't know who Autumn would "pick", since all the women were so different, and yet perfect for the role.

This was a beautifully written novel, and I enjoyed every page - I even wonder if a sequel could be in the works...

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Unknown said...

Don't know if you follow her, but Amy herself just gave you a shout-out on Twitter.

Also, if I recall correctly, she's said that she's currently working on book 4 now. Each woman gets her own book. Definitely something to look forward to!