Book Review: Labor Day

Labor Day by Joyce Maynard

I'm not entirely sure how to encapsulate this novel.

Told from the perspective of Henry, an awkward and friendless 13 year old boy, this is a story of one long, hot Labor Day weekend. After coaxing his single reclusive mother, Adele out to the store, Henry is approached by Frank, a large man who is bleeding from the leg and asks for help from Henry.

Adele and Henry take Frank home, and over the course of the weekend, Henry learns what it is to have a father figure, Adele and Frank fall in love, and their lives change forever.

With one twist: Frank is an escaped convict.

And yet, Frank is a character you fall in love with, as Adele and Henry do, and you don't want anything bad to happen to this happy trio, though you are waiting and waiting throughout the novel for the penny to drop.

This is a wonderfully written, engrossing novel that I couldn't put down. I felt deeply for all the characters, and wanted a happy ending for all three.

I highly recommend this novel - it was a great, great read. These characters stayed with me long after I finished...

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