Weekend Redo

So, Dad came down last weekend with a very important delivery.

Hand me down furniture. ;-)

He has bought himself a new family room suite, and as is tradition, I got the cast offs - yay! Shiny (new to me) furniture!

We unloaded everything, and spent the better part of an evening shifting furniture around, moving bookcases, and resettling the room - and I love how it looks! It's so much bigger now!


Ooh, Ahh...

Note the big honker couch and the bookcase of DVDs you stare at in the room...



New couch, new chairs and ottomans, and Dad and I got crafty and hung up a curtain rod to show off my quilts! Fills in the space nicely, no?

New chairs...

New chairs

The old bookcase is now in the hall - much better:

Hallway bookcase

During Dad's visit, we also installed curtains in the study:

New Study Curtains

We also visited the Fall Festival with Becca, took a walk in the woods in Harmonie State Park with Zoe, and ate waffles off Dad's new waffle maker - apparently, all those waffles at hotels during vacation become a "must have" breakfast item. ;-)

All in all, a very successful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Although I must admit I had to look back and forth to realize the chairs were new (similiar pattern). My parents came into town a few weeks ago and helped me get a bed from Ikea (queen, upgraded from my double). I call it my "big girl bed."
--Phx Pat

Marissa said...

Yeah, the chairs are startlingly similar, except the new ones don't have puppy chew marks - yet. ;-)

I love the big girl bed!! Woot!

Anonymous said...

if you were on facebook you could see photos (tempt tempt)