Obligatory Disclaimer

Wendy over at The Misadventures of a Super_Librarian has posted a great "disclaimer" regarding new changes to FTC rules about endorsements, so I'm going to do the same, since I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before or not...

  • I am a member of Amazon Associates. It's an easy way for me to link to books when reviewing them, so you can see the book cover, and link to read more information about the book if you choose to. Linking to Amazon does NOT constitute endorsement on my part, but it makes life easy for linking to titles I review - I'm all about easy. :-) As an Associate, though, if you click on one of my book links, and then purchase something from Amazon through my link, I get a small referral fee. Believe me, I'm not quitting my day job with my fees *snort*, but I get geeked when I get a few pennies here and there since reviewing all my books does take time! If you want to make all your purchases through my blog (hey, Christmas is coming up!), then yay! If not, it's okay - we can still be friends. :-)

  • I  on occasion receive books for review from publishers, authors and folks working with authors. I try to mention that at the beginning of each blog post, but I strive to always give a balanced review of the book. If I loved it, I'll tell you so. If I didn't, I'm honest about that as well, as I don't want my objectivity to ever be called into question when reviewing.
So there you go!

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