NaNoWriMo Time Again!

Hi y'all!

Here we go again. I can't believe I'm doing this. Seriously.

Seven. This is gonna make the SEVENTH time. Nutty.

As many of you know, November is going to be a very trying month for me. Sleepless nights, frazzled nerves, and various incoherent mumblings will probably become the norm for this normally savvy, smart, and happy gal.

Why, you ask?

Oh, you know why.

It's NaNoWriMo.

That's right. Tomorrow morning, November 1, the madness begins. Again.

But first, let's recap what NaNoWriMo is. It stands for the National Novel Writing Month. Basically, participants have 30 days (from Nov. 1 to Nov. 30) to write a 50,000 word novel. Let me say that again. 50,000 words. That's about 175 pages in Word. This is the kamikaze approach to novel-writing if ever there was.

Why, you ask?

Having a deadline, having a reason to do it, and having thousands of other people participating also encourages all those people (like me) who have always said "Eh, I'll write a novel…someday." Well, someday is today. This exercise is all about quantity, not quality. As such, I'm looking forward to writing a spectacularly okay novel about nothing terribly interesting. But it will be 50,000 words, by god! If you want to read more, the cool website about this insane exercise is here: www.nanowrimo.org

Only a few hours of my non-novel lifestyle are left, so I wanted to take the chance to apprise you all of several things...

November, I plan to have no life, save that in front of my computer. I plan to have calluses on my fingers and coffee stains on my teeth from writing as much as humanly possible and staying up late to do it. I plan to be constantly editing my outline, figuring out plot twists, and mumbling dialogue to myself in passing.

Zoe is not going to like this. She's already looking at me woefully.

As such, I need your support in this trying time:

*Caffeinated beverages of any kind, at any time, will be warmly welcomed.

*Food I don't have to prepare myself is also a bonus - especially when delivered to my door. I have already programmed Domino's into my speed-dial for emergency backup.

*Don't plan on visiting the Priddis Pad in November - I won't be cleaning, doing laundry or tidying. I'll be writing. A lot.

*Thanksgiving may have to be forfeited if I fall behind. Sorry, Fam.

*Ask me to social events at your own risk - if I'm struggling with a plot point or am 10,000 words behind, this might be a dangerous venture.

*Visits (well, short ones) will be welcomed so that my eyes can adjust on something other than a computer screen, my fingers can uncramp, and I can interact with human beings. Always a bonus.

*If you think I totally blow as a novelist, keep it to yourself until at least December 1. Anytime during November (in my fragile state of being) I might be liable to go postal if anyone says anything like "Hey, that last chapter really blew goats!" or "Man, that main character is just really lame!". You see where I'm going with this.

I'm planning to post my fabulously average Regency Era novel at the following blog site. Again, I remind you this story, frankly, will suck. But that's okay. :-)


Instructions, a table of contents and a cast list are already there for your viewing pleasure. :-)

(Note: this novel is probably going to feature "adult situations". If you don't care for this, you may not wanna read. And Dad, let's just pretend like you never read those parts, okay?)

I appreciate all your support during this trying time, and again, keep those caffeinated beverages coming. ;-)



(Wanna just read last year's and wait until December to see if I finish this one? It's right here: http://sonataofsecrets.blogspot.com/)


Denise said...

Best wishes, my dear! You can do this ... and I'll be reading all along the way! =)

Anonymous said...

I am having SO MUCH FUN reading! Fitzwilliam! sqeeeeeeeeee.

You are giving Julia Quinn a run for her money.


Anonymous said...

a little inspiration for you:


Marissa said...

I *love* that CarteNoire site! Thanks, Pat! :-)