Finale of the Michigan Trip

I'm finally back home from our fabu trip (and getting ready to go work!) but I wanted to finish documenting our trip...so what did we do in the last few days?

We spent several days in Iron Mountain at the Summer Breeze Campground, owned by our close family friends, and hung out with them all for a few days...Zoe very much enjoyed the time "off leash"...

Summer Breeze

Dad and I did some shopping at this hideously understocked store. ;-)

Wink's Woods

We visited Bond Falls, which, despite the drizzly day, was absolutely lovely...

Bond Falls




We visited one of the highest artificial ski jumps in the world...

Ski Jump

Standing on the precipice...isn't that a great view?

Me and Carol

On our way south, we gave Zoe one last dip in the lake (Lake Michigan, this time)...

Water Puppy


We crossed Big Mac again...

Big Mac

We did a bit of shopping in Mackinaw City...

Mackinaw City

Then we made the run home, starting in fog, but breaking up the day with a visit to a Cider Mill, where Zoe was cooed over by many, many children...

Foggy Morning

Big John's



And now Zoe and I are back home in TinyTown, trying to unpack, do laundry, and catch up on mail...always the worst part of coming home, no?

Still, it was a fantastic fortnight! Hope you enjoyed traveling with us!


Anonymous said...

loved hearing about the trip and reading the dueling blogs. glad you had a wonderful time. take it easy today and rest from the vacation!


Denise said...

I loved keeping up with your travels. Hope you're beginning to rest up a bit!