Couple of Reviews

Laced With Magic by Barbara Bretton

This is the second in the Sugar Maple series - Sugar Maple being a town in Vermont entirely populated by trolls, selkies, vampires, werewolves, faeries and more - and one very hunky police officer who happens to be human. This time, Chloe (the mayor and only half human) must battle the evil Isadora to win back a human soul that's very important to her future. The total cliffhanger at the end leaves us wanting to know what happens next! Fast, fun, easy reading! Recommended!

Come Sunday by Isla Morley

This novel doesn't really fall into one genre category, so I'm not sure how to describe it. Abbe Deighton and her husband live in Hawaii, but they fall apart when their daughter Cleo is killed by a car. Cleo's death is early in the book, and the remaining 300 pages deal with Abbe's grief, as well as returning in flashbacks to her home in South Africa where she was affected by another death long ago. This is a well-written book, but not exactly an uplifting or happy one. I found myself losing interest as it went on, and at times thought Abbe was a bit too one-dimensional. Started off with high hopes, but ultimately found myself disappointed...

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