Book Review: The Recipe Club

The Recipe Club: A Tale of Food and Friendship by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel

The lovely folks at FSB sent me a review copy of this new title (due to be released next Thursday), and on a very rainy evening, I dug into this title, which only takes a few hours to read.

I really loved the layout of this book - the story is told through alternating emails between childhood friends Val and Lilly, as well as letters sent to each other through their childhood - the beginning of their "recipe club", so there are recipes interspersed throughout the story (some look so yummy!). Now, you know I love anything to do with food, and I love epistolary novels!

It begins with Val and Lilly reaching out to each other after years of silence, following the death of a parent, and throughout the novel, the reader tries to piece together what caused the rift between these two best friends. Family drama, heartbreak, testing the bonds of friendship, and of course, food, are all a part of the interwoven story.

Throughout, you don't know if Val and Lilly will ever reconcile, and in so many of the emails and letters, you can see glimpses of yourself - relationships between woman are always fraught with drama, tension, and ultimately, forgiveness, no?

This is just such an easy, gentle read - though a word of caution...it will make you hungry!

What a pretty book!

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