Book Review Blast

Time to get caught up on all the books I read before, during and after vacation! A few shorter reviews, and a few longer reviews, coming up!

Wild Heat by Bella Andre

This is just a great, sexy, trashy novel featuring a wildfire fighter and an arson investigator...I figured this would be a quick, silly read, but I actually found it quite engaging and interesting - and had a good bit of heat. ;-)

The Overlook by Michael Connelly

This is one of the two audiobooks Dad and I listened to on our trip...when a man is shot dead on the Mulholland Overlook in LA, Detective Harry Bosch finds himself up against the FBI, a radioactive element, and a possible terrorist threat. Taught and fast-paced - I enjoyed it!

Wife for Hire by Janet Evanovich

This was the other audiobook we listened to on our trip...and in classic Evanovich style, this was a silly, quirky, laugh out loud romp of a book when Maggie agrees to masquerade as Hank's wife for 6 months for business reasons. Naturally, all does not go according to plan. ;-)

The Servant's Quarters by Lynn Freed

Read it, hated it. Glad it was short, or I wouldn't have finished it. Ugh.

The Silent Hour by Michael Koryta

I have enjoyed each and every one of Koryta's suspense/mystery novels, and this one is no exception. PI Lincoln Perry (Koryta's recurring character) finds himself pulled into a 12-year mystery with a dead body, a deserted house, and a murderer looking for information. This is a great one!

Not in the Flesh by Ruth Rendell

A great police procedural from mystery master Rendell, set in the southern counties of England and featuring a cast of quirky - and suspicious - characters and returning Detective Wexford.

The House On Tradd Street by Karen White

This novel takes place in Charleston on Tradd Street, where so many historic homes reside. Through a strange twist of fate, realtor Melanie inherits a beautiful, but neglected, house on Tradd Street which she has no desire to fix up. Enter a cast of characters - and a lot of ghosts that only Melanie can see - and you have part romance, part ghost story, and part This Old House.

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