Book Review: April & Oliver

April & Oliver by Tess Callahan

Ooh. I lovedlovedloved this book.

You know how there are books where you actually miss the characters when you finish the books, where you read slower and slower, in the hopes of not getting to the end?

This was one of those for me.

I already want to reread it.

April and Oliver were childhood friends, reunited for a funeral, which sets off a chain of events for them both. April is the wild child, the victim of abuse and determined to destroy everything around her, while Oliver is the stable law student, engaged and determined to lead a fufulling life...and yet, these two circle around each other like moths around a flame, unable to get away from their pull to one another.

The characters are so, so well developed, and the writing is just beautiful and engaging, and I'm still haunted by the ending...wanting to know, what's next? I won't say it was a *happy* ending, but it was a hopeful one.

I was just pulled in from the first chapter, and it never let go.

I can't recommend this book enough - it is definitely one of my top reads for the year.

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Anonymous said...

I knew you would love it too!