Water, Water, Water!

Today's theme was WATER, in all kinds of forms!

We awoke to a steady rain, but after a lazy morning (yay for Holiday Inn Express breakfasts!), ventured out to look at, you guessed it...water!

First we ventured to Munising Falls...

A Man and His Dog

Munising Falls

Then we drove around the lakeshore a bit (in the rain) before going to, yup, another waterfall (with umbrellas this time...how English!)

Wagner Falls...my favorite so far...

Wagner Falls

Closer View

Rainy Times

So after the waterfalls, we stopped for pasties (rawk!) and then went to the lakefront to eat, and then, yeah, you guessed it...went and played in more water!

Well, one of us did...


Drinking the lake...

Eating the Lake

Zoe exercising Grandpa (not the other away around, natch!)...

Exercising Grandpa

And to round things out...a roll in the wet sand!

Rounding It Out

Guess who got a bath when we got back to the hotel room?


After that excitement, we napped, we read, we picnicked in the room, and just to round out the day's theme...we just got back from the indoor pool. :-)

Hoping for sunny skies tomorrow!

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Denise said...

It looks so lovely there! I can tell you guys are having a wonderful time. I've been loving the updates! =)