Trial Trip

So, Dad and I are taking a roadtrip in just a couple of weeks (leaving September 19) to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

For two weeks.

With Zoe.

Hee. ;-)

Dad, being, well, Dad, was uber-concerned about Zoe's traveling abilities, and about constructing her a platform in the van so she could sit up front and travel in style. He did his engineer thing, then came down a couple of weekends ago for a "trial trip" with Zoe (and to get his haircut and generally hang out).

Obviously, Zoe was terribly concerned. NOT. ;-)
I Love It!
Van girls...
Van Girls
We made a trip to Cave in Rock on the Ohio River for a picnic and a stroll...
The Mighty Ohio
I'm not scared of caves! I'm gonna march right in!
Exploring the Cave
I love roadtrippin' with my humans!


Carrie said...

Zoe is officially the cutest dog EVER.

Anonymous said...

love that Zoe and your dad are "best buds." The road trip looks like fun!

Denise said...

So, so cute!! And I think it's awesome that your dad adores Zoe. =)

Marissa said...

I know. I just snorfle her all the time for the cuteness. ;-)

Dad and Zoe are just crazy about each other...I totally feel like the third wheel half the time. ;-)