Good morning, Michigan!

(sunrise on the lake from our porch)

Good Morning!

After breakfast and checking out of our hotel, we headed first for Whitefish Point for a view of the lighthouse and a wander around on the beach...

Whitefish Point

Beach Girls

Best moment of the day: mere seconds after this happened...

This happened:


I've never laughed so hard in my life at a sopping wet puppy, trying to drink lake water and getting thoroughly soaked. She had a good time. ;-)

We then ventured on to the Tahquamenon Falls, and had our first pasty of the trip...

First Pasty of the Trip

We hiked along the boardwalk (during which Zoe did a bizarre "leap over a bench and over the retaining fence into the woods, thus trapping herself until Grandpa jumped the fence and retrieved her" maneuver) to the Lower Falls first...

Man and Water

Lower Falls

Then we hopped back in the van, drove a few miles down the road and went to the Upper Falls (which were down 94 steps - Zoe was carried, the lucky duck)...

Girl and Water


Finally, we checked into our hotel in Munising (another lovely view!), then after settling in, went to dinner at a nice restaurant that had outdoor seating and a "dog pen" so owners can corral their dogs while they eat. Isn't that cool of them? We popped Zoe right in and sat down.

Zoe In Jail!

And then two minutes later:

Two Minutes Later

Someone wasn't having any part of "puppy jail". ;-)

After a quick trip to a "scenic overlook", we're back to our "home" for the next few days...

(our hotel is just out of frame on the left)



Bonus! Dork picture of the day:


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