Sentimental Journey

Today we ventured from Houghton fairly early to explore the Keweenaw Peninsula, where Mum and Dad vacationed many, many times over the last few years, and was one of Mum's very favorite places.

We headed first to Eagle River, where they always stayed and had a look 'round the condo, and the beach that connected it (that's the Inn in the background, where they often visited)...

Condo Beach

We went for a lovely long walk along the Eagle River beach, where puppy and I dipped our toes in the water many times!


As I was calmly wandering along the beach, I witnessed this...

Grandpa and Zoe at full speed (someone's legs aren't even on the ground!)...


Flying ears...

Flying Ears



Wait for it...

Looking Up

Wait for it...

Wait For It



Someone had a good time on the beach. ;-)

After Eagle River, we went to Eagle Harbor and toured the lighthouse and surrounding buildings...very neat!

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Then we went across the bay to one of Mum's favorite picnic spots to have a bit of lunch...it was rather windy.

Windblow Girl

On the Beach

Next we meandered up to the top of Brockway Mountain, which afforded amazing views...

Top of the Mountain

Copper Harbor

After THAT, we cruised through Copper Harbor (that town in the photo above) and headed to the state park to tour the restored Fort Wilkins - very nicely done.

Never pass up an opportunity to pose with a cannon. ;-)


Then we meandered back up the coast to an honest-to-goodness (I almost typed "god") monastery, a lovely building with even more beautiful gardens. We cruised up to their little store, The Jampot, and stocked up on lovely jams like gooseberry, lemon marmalade, and cranberry ginger. This ain't Smuckers, y'all. ;-)



Finally, it was time for a picnic on the beach and a last romp in the surf for Zoe (taken off leash again by Grandpa!). Needless to say, she slept REALLY well when we got home...

Sprinting Puppy

While they romped, I built a cairn for Mummy. Miss you.


A good, but EXHAUSTING, day! We're off to the Keweenaw again tomorrow...better rest up!


Carrie said...


I just giggled at that picture of Zoe for about five minutes straight. Looks like you guys are having a blast. Everything is so pretty!

Marissa said...

Dude, I've been *nsorting* all day about it, too. I love how even the tongue is windblown. ;-)