Out and About in Munising

Today dawned much brighter (and everyone with a lakefront view was on their porch this morning, snapping pictures of this and drinking coffee)...


So after breakfast, we loaded up to hit Miner's Castle, a rocky outcrop on the lake for a walk 'round and to snap some pictures...

Driving through the misty morning...

On the Way to Miner's Castle

Miner's Castle (that rocky outcrop thing)...

Miner's Castle


Another View

Next we hiked the mile-long trail to the lovely Miner's Falls - Zoe did the steps all by herself this time (down AND up!)...

Miner's Falls

Dewy Trees

After our hike back, we spent many minutes regaining our breath and picking burrs out of Zoe's coat!

Next, we headed for Miner's Beach (are you seeing a theme with the damn Miners??) for several hours of sitting on the sand, playing in the surf, reading, and in Dad's case, having a nap. ;-)


Obviously, the beach was pretty packed...


Packed II

Zoe and Grandpa went for a nice long walk down the beach, and without fail, once they were unsupervised, someone was let off her leash. ;-)



I think we finally wore the little one out. ;-)


We're leaving Munising tomorrow, and heading for Houghton by way of Marquette. G'night!


Denise said...

It is absolutely GORGEOUS there!! I'm so jealous.

Jen said...

I'm seeing some inspiration for you for November. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, so very very very beautiful!


Marissa said...

It really is just stunning...I had no idea until I got here! :-)