New Sewing Machine

A timely follow up to yesterday's post...

So, every since I took up quilting, I've been using my parents' original 1966 Singer - you know, the big metal ones that weigh about 75 pounds?

It's old faithful, for sure, but after so much wear and tear, it's become a chore, rather than a joy, to sew on it.

So, after much begging and pleading, I convinced my fabu father to spring for an early Christmas present for me:


Isn't it PRETTY?

And it was ON SALE!

And has so much stitch choices! It boggles the mind! The old one was lucky to reverse, much less make pretty patterns!


I'm in love. *swoons*

Thanks, Dad! :-)

Granted, I pretty much had to arm wrestle him to get to use it now, instead of waiting until Christmas, but I'm pretty scrappy. ;-)

(BTW, it's a Singer Confidence 7463, if anyone is interested...)

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