New Bed Quilt

Many weeks ago, I was reading Alicia Paulson's blog (which is lovely!), and she posted a new quilt pattern, and I just fell in love with it...

And then I downloaded the instructions, and it looked...easy.

So I dashed to JoAnn's, dusted off the sewing machine, and got going...because I decided to make a queen size quilt for my bed to spruce things up.

My biggest.quilt.ever.

728 squares, many, many hours of piecing, backing, quilting, blind stitching, trimming and washing later, I have my masterpiece!

I'm in love. :-)

I even whipped up a couple of pillowcases to finish it off!

What do you think?

The Zoe stamp of approval...
Zoe Meets the Shiny New Quilt!
Quilting detail...
My first non-fold-over binding!
Backing detail...
Backing Detail
All put together...
Bored now. Can we stop taking pictures of the quilt?
Bored Now.


Anonymous said...

Wow! beautiful and kudos on the new sewing machine!


Marissa said...

Thanks, Pat! :-)