Movin' On Up (to Houghton)!

We left Munising under considerably sunnier skies today, and made several "pit stops" to take in the waters while taking the roundabout way to our hotel for the next three days in Houghton...

Sigh. I love it here. Don't you? Look at that view....


We visited Presque Isle (briefly) on our way through Marquette...

Presque Isle

On our way towards Silver City and the Porcupine Mountains, we stopped by a rest area. They have a waterfall. In their REST AREA. Michigan rest areas put Indiana rest areas to shame!!

(The port-a-loos are disgusting anywhere, though, right? Who's with me?)

Rest Stop Waterfall

We picnicked on the beach (another one all to ourselves) and let Zoe play and play in the water and sand, while I walked barefoot in Lake Superior and gathered rocks and sand between my toes...and Zoe gathered sand EVERYWHERE...

(She spent several minutes barking at that rock there, because it kept diverting waves that splashed on her. I laughed. I'm such a mean mommy. *grin*)

Lakes and Mountains

After that, we ventured on into the Porcupine Mountains, and visited Lake of the Clouds, which is just pristine and beautiful...

Lake of the Clouds

Family Photo

(No. I'm *not* sure why Dad posed like he's a little tea pot. *snerk*)

The girls

I think we wore Zoe out today. ;-)

Exhausted Girl

We're off to explore the Keweenaw Peninsula tomorrow...stay tuned! If you're very lucky, we MIGHT have pictures of water! ;-)


Anonymous said...

It's so pretty there. I am very jealous. It has done nothing but rain here all week and isn't supposed to stop until Sunday. Hope you weather is good for the rest of the trip!


Marissa said...

The weather has been great so far, but rain is on the way. Still, we've had the good weather for all the "touristy bits"! :-)