Cabin Time

Night before last, we headed over to Three Rivers, Wisconsin to visit some old family friends at their cabin...with a lake, and their two dogs.

You can imagine the bliss Zoe was in for the last 24 hours...playmates, no leashes, and WATER!

The cabin where we stayed...

Ready to Explore

The view from the cabin onto Virgin Lake...

The View

Zoe giving the deeper lake water a go...a little unsure at first as her favorite playmate Bailey looks on...

Water Dog

Eh, I could get used to this...but I'm not going to swim...this time...


What a nice evening, and a nice visit...I had a blast catching up and watching Zoe exhaust herself chasing Bailey...despite the obvious size differences, Zoe was totally on the offensive. ;-)


We left for Iron Mountain yesterday afternoon and checked in just as the rains came. It's still rainy and much cooler today...but it's all good. We're here to visit longtime friends, so it will mostly be a day of catching up...after we give Zoe a bath to get rid of pine needles, lake mud, burrs and general cabin funkiness. ;-)

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