Book Review: Trust Me

Trust Me by Peter Leonard

When the fine folks at FSB offered me a review copy of Leonard's novel, I thought it sounded like a fun twist on a typical mystery - plus, Leonard is the son of famed writer Elmore Leonard.

This is a really quick read about Karen, who decides to get back the $300,000 her Arab boyfriend stole from her and didn't return when they broke up, and does so using a cast of wacky characters to help her. This novel is chock full of characters, and I found myself frequently confused about "who's who", and "wait, who was that again?", and was a bit disappointed how little character development there was to fix all these characters in my mind, but the plot moved briskly along, which was good.

However, I really enjoyed the second half the novel, when Karen goes on the run...I love to see how she eludes the law, the suckers, and the chasers. I would be a TERRIBLE "on the run" girl, so I like to see how the pros do it. ;-)

This novel is quick and feisty, and has a lot of quirky characters - fans of mystery and suspense should enjoy it!

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