B-ton Crew Visit

So, the B-ton crew (Jason, Sean, Jen and Layne) came down to Sunnymeade a few weekends ago to celebrate Layne's fifth (fifth?! already?!) birthday. We visited the zoo, we ate big barbecue, we checked out the Children's Museum, and just generally caught up - and Zoe had a houseful of people to play with. ;-)

Good times, good times...

Zoe gets acquainted with Layne and Jen...
Zoe Meets Layne
Kisses for Layne!
Zoe and Layne

Zoe had to tuck in Layne each night for bed...

Tucking in Layne

Hanging out in Amazonia at the Evansville Zoo...


I was enamored with the giraffe...so close!


Zoe and I after a Sunday morning walk with the boys...she headed straight for the chair!

The Girls

Ready to go into the Children's Museum!


Who doesn't love Legos?!

Lego Time

It was so great to see them all - and Zoe had a blast too!

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