"I Have Thoughts!"

Like so many other people, I just loved the movie Julie & Julia, which I took my father to see during his visit to Sunnymeade last week.

And like so many other people, I was given a shot in the arm, as it were, to make myself relevant and interesting and current amongst the zillions of other bloggers out there.

("I have thoughts!")

I've been bad about updating readily lately.

I've been bad about saving up posts and then spewing them out in one go, rather than giving folks something to read every day (Well, every few days. Let's not go crazy here.)

I've even shirked a few times on book reviews. *hangs head*

So, I'm getting a bit of resolve back...I'm stoked about my new blog look, I'm armed with both the amazing and the mundane to share with you all, and I'm ready to share, because..."I have thoughts!"

(If nothing else, I have the world's cutest puppy and I could just post pictures all the time, right? RIGHT?!)

I hope you'll join me...

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Anonymous said...

think away, I'm listening.