Guitar Heroes!

So, last week, I threw a little lunchtime party for the staff at the library.

We had ourselves a little pizza party, followed up by an all-staff Guitar Hero SMACKDOWN! We set up the library's Wii from 12pm to 2pm, and folks drifted in and out during their lunch hour, without having to worry about buying lunch or being late.

Now, all but two of us had never played before, even though we've owned the library's Wii for a while, so I thought it was high time we chowed some Domino's and rocked the meeting room.

And oh my god, it was fun. Folks you would never expect to participate were rockin' out, and everyone had a really great time - good food, good games, good bonding time.

My personal highlight was scoring a 90% accuracy on Survivor's Eye of the Tiger. ;-)

Marissa and Hilary BATTLE!

Guitar Heroes!

Sadly, this photo doesn't catch both of us dancing instead of guitaring. ;-)

Nancy gets into the spirit...she was a ringer, man!

Guitar Hero Nancy

The "experienced" crew (Trish and Paul) take up the guitars, and dust us all!

Trish and Paul

What a good time! The staff has already requested another Guitar Hero smackdown...maybe after hours, so we can play even longer. Stay tuned for another battle!

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