Book Review: Not That Kind Of Girl

Not That Kind of Girl by Carlene Bauer

You know how sometimes, you just click with a book and can't put it down?

Unfortunately, this book was not one of those for me.

This book has been getting truly great reviews from all different types of media, so I was excited to read it. Bauer's memoir talks about her upbringing in a religious home, her attendance at non-secular schools, her move to New York, and her struggle to find herself, a man, and to rectify her faith with her life, her sexual identity, and her place in the world.

Sounds interesting, right?

So why was it a chore for me to pick it up and read? Sometimes you just aren't in the right frame of mind, sometimes it's just not the book for you...who knows? But for me, I would space out after just a few pages, and by the end, didn't really HAVE to finish to see what happened to Bauer and her trials and tribulations - I just didn't really want to read any more of the dense, heavy prose. The writing is definitely prose rather than conversational - lots of (occasionally) obscure high literature and historical references, and while well written, made me feel like an idiot most of the time because I don't speak at length about Bronte novels or toss around English literature references while speaking in everyday conversation.

I hate it when a book makes me feel stupid. :-(

I really did have high hopes when the lovely folks at Harper Collins sent me this title, but I have to be honest...it just wasn't for me. But, be sure to check it out for yourself...maybe it is just the title for you.

I guess not every book I read knocks it out of the park - sometimes, it just doesn't click. Better to be honest than not, right?

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