Nine Inch Nails Roadtrip

So, a couple of weekends ago, my friend Jen and I took a roadtrip to see what is probably the final tour of Nine Inch Nails *sniff*. We went from Bloomington to Chicago for the first show, then back down to Indy for the second show before returning back to Bloomington (and then back to Dad's house to pick up Zoe, before returning to TinyTown).

It was a lot of driving, but man, what spectacular shows!

The Chicago show was right on the lake at the Charter One Pavilion, and though we were in the pit and had drunken frat boys nearby, the set list was fantastic. Even if Trent joked that we needed ski masks because it was so cold on the lake, I didn't feel a thing when the show started...

The real capper, though, was the Indy show - we had AMAZING seats, only yards from the stage. And the band was just ON - you could tell Trent was stoked to be performing. We also got to see Street Sweeper Social Club (fronted by Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine fame) and Jane's Addiction.

Never mind the enormous storm that blew through, spawning a tornado a few miles away. ;-)

A great round of shows from our fave band! What a fantastic trip!

Sushi in Chicago...


Followed by a visit to Shedd Aquarium. No, I didn't feel guilty about my dinner the night before. ;-)

Shedd Aquarium

Jen and I superstoked about our seats in Indy!


Tom Morello of SSSC...

Tom Morello

Trent! In shorts! And the smoke machine is definitely working!


JMJ on bass...


The Finckster scores a touchdown!


Trent pounding the keys...

Pounding the Keys

Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro of Jane's...

Perry and Dave

Thanks for a great couple of shows, Trent!


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Carrie said...

oh look, my ex-husband Dave. whatever was I thinking?!?! ;-)

Glad you had a blast, sweetie!