Book Review: Sleepwalking in Daylight

Sleepwalking in Daylight by Elizabeth Flock

I was enamored with Flock's first title, Me & Emma, so I was eager to read her latest title, about a dysfunctional family trying to keep it together. There's the adopted teenage daughter dabbling in drugs, two twin boys, a jackass of a husband and the center is Samantha, a wife beaten by her husband not falling out of love with her, just feeling absolutely nothing at all. So begins her descent into finding herself, and then finding a man who makes her husband pale in comparison...

This isn't a book with a play-by-play kind of plot, but rather a meandering tale that is heavy on sadness and woe, but filled with intriguing characters that will leaving you wondering...how are they going to resolve this?

Though it didn't pack the punch or originality of Me & Emma, the writing kept me reading! Recommended...

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